We create products and courses
that improve physical and emotional health.

At MoodTek® we blend cutting-edge technology with ancient alchemy secrets which unlock the code to health, happiness, and wellbeing. Our flagship product, Celltonix, has put us on the map as the new wellness go-to  remedy for thousands of families and counting.

CellTonix™ – Positive Cell Therapy™

Creating an energy boost and a strong sense of well-being, this unique formula supports the healthy functioning of your cells. CellTonix™ neutralizes negatively charged unhealthy cells,* by delivering a powerful bio-electric positive charge. Totally non-toxic, you will love the uplifting positive change in your mood.

Custom Blend Cell Salt

Creating a custom blend of cell salts that support healthy functioning of your cells. Our cell salts will help you nutritionally balance yourself and are totally organic! Unlike many Cell Salts that are alcohol or dairy based which may interfere with some dietary restrictions , ours are sugar based. You will love the uplifting positive change in your mood, life and wellbeing!


Unlocking the energy frequencies you need for happiness, health, and healing, the MoodChip™ is composed of a unique blend of precious metals and gemstones. It is energetically enhanced with frequencies that generate good feelings, while protecting you and those you care about.

MoodChip™ Testimonials

Energy Foundations™ Course

In these mind-blowing introductory classes, you will learn critical tools to keep your energy system clean and clear. Plus discover the fundamental skills of medical intuition and quantum energy therapy, which allows you to tap into your G-d-given gift of getting clear yes-and-no answers to pinpoint the cause of most medical & mental health challenges.

Learn the basic tools to release and discharge the blockages. This Torah-based course allows you to become the master of your health and is a must-know in these crazy times of mass confusion.

Energy Dynamics Program - Testimonials

Energy Dynamics™ Program

You will enjoy the personal power that comes from exploring the world of energy therapy and medical intuition. This incredible Energy Dynamics course will transform your life by teaching you how to pinpoint and resolve emotional issues and health complaints.

With Energy Dynamics, you become empowered to help yourself — unleashing your best self. You will wonder how you lived without it!

Energy Dynamics Program - Course Intro

Explore the fascinating world of medical intuition and energy therapy with the release of our new Energy Dynamics Program. It is a mind-blowing, self-help, six-month course. In this one-of-a-kind course, you will learn how to determine the causes of your health issues. Plus, it gives you tools to fix them from an energy perspective, within a safe and Kosher framework. 

With this course, you will be able to address many of your most difficult, health-related, emotional, mental and mood-related concerns.

Most other courses teach medical intuition through invoking angels or spirit guides. Or use witchcraft or idolatrous methods for healing, or to gain answers to the unknown — all forbidden by Biblical law.Our powerful MoodChip™ magnifies the Energy Dynamics Program workbook. It is also worn as a personal protection device to help harmonize your body from all sorts of energetic stressors like: 5G radiation, electromagnetic smog, and psychic attack. MoodTek® provides the best quality products — products that aren’t available anywhere else.


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