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In This Webinar / Workshop We Will Explore The Main Energetic And Physical Causes Of Behavioral Issues. Learn To Identify And Resolve Some Of These Causes Through The Lens Of Energy Medicine.

Behavioral Issues Pandemic

Rochel Albert

MoodTek® Founder

Rochel Albert pours her passion for health, therapy and love into everything she does.

Besides being an energy therapy practitioner focused on mental and emotional wellness, she is a biofeedback practitioner, health advocate, gem therapist, serial entrepreneur, product designer, mommy warrior of four awesome kids and a happy wife of 26 years.

Rochel has authored three books, including “Medical Scams” and has appeared on radio and talk shows, including Elena Cardone’s Women in Power series. She is the driving force behind MoodTek®. Rochel created the Energy Dynamics Program after realizing a massive gap in the marketplace for kosher emotional energy therapy. She decided to share her system that she perfected to help others heal while becoming the best they can be.

Rochel Albert from MoodTek welcomes you to a life changing FREE🎉 webinar on behavioral issues.

🔍 We Will Explore Energetic Causes Of Behavioral Issues While Learning To Identify And Resolve Them Through The Lens Of Energy Medicine.

📍Topic: The Pandemic of Behavioral Issues and Their Root Causes

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