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FREE Webinar - SOS Stress Relief in Crazy Times

🌐Moodtek.com Presents a FREE pre-recorded Webinar Exploring Kosher Energy Therapy & Beyond

💫Explore whether a new career in kosher energy medicine is right for you with over 150 hybrid modalities.

✅Enter the world of energy therapy to learn:
🔺Basics of Energy Healing
🔺Clearing & Balancing Energy
🔺How to Improve Relationships
🔺Manifesting Anything You Desire & Much More!

🔎Learn to pinpoint and remotely clear the energetic causes of most issues in life from the lens of a kosher & holistic approach.

💎Learn game-changing tools to enhance your existing career for therapists, coaches, psychologists, naturopaths, and professionals who are in the helping arena, or anyone looking to break into this new $100,000+ a year potential career in alterative therapy that really works for 100s of issues plaguing our communities.

📕We will be demonstrating how our system works and how to deactivate triggers.
Our program is self paced and can take anywhere from 6-12 months to complete.

📲We also have amazing student support and daily zoom classes for all levels and much more!


Moodtek is hosting a free emergency webinar discussing the pandemic divorce and marriage misery disaster facing our communities.

Learn about our unique kosher energy medicine and energy psychology tools and structured systems to save any marriage.
It will be recorded.

Cost: Free

Instructor: Rochel Albert, master energy therapist, specializes in complex shalom bayis cases with nearly 100 percent success rate saving any marriage (from misery to bliss) when a couple follows the unique system she created.

Rochel energy tests couples before she accepts them into her program. She will be offering a quick energy read during the webinar.

See you soon❗️

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