You will learn:

  • Rabbi Szmerla (Pre-recorded) explains the Halachot of kosher alternative medicine & energy healing (Kosher versus Non-kosher healing)
  • Charge your hands
  • Clear, protect and energize your energy system
  • Basics of medical intuitive testing
  • Basics of energy clearing healing blocks, triggers and emotions
  • Introduction to energy therapy & forgiveness tools (two hours pre-recorded)
  • Comes with color downloadable PDF workbook written by Rochel Albert
  • Unlimited access to prerecorded trainings

Energy Dynamics – Energy Therapy Online Crash Course

Introductory Series | By Rochel Albert
In this online, four-hour, mind-blowing, introductory crash Course, you will learn the critical tools you need to know to clear your energy system, plus keep yourself protected and strong. Discover, within a kosher setting, the fundamental skills of medical intuition and quantum energy therapy, which allows you to tap into your G-d-given gift of getting clear yes-and-no answers. Explore the basics of pinpointing the general cause of most medical & mental health challenges.

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Energy Dynamics – Energy Therapy Online Crash Course

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