Get the relationship you want.

Get the relationship you want.

Discover the holistic approach of remote energy therapy.

Sign up for a free energy scan

Sign up for a free energy scan

Who is Energy TherapyTM for?

Designed for individuals and families seeking holistic solutions to a variety of life’s challenges.

Family relationships

Intimacy Issues

Psychiatric concerns

Learning difficulties

Physical pain


Emotional distress

Childhood trauma

Fears & phobias

Digestive Issues



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What is the energy therapy that I can experience?

The energy therapy that we use is called Kosher Energy TherapyTM. We harnesses the power of DIVINE energy to facilitate healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Through a combination of energy work and personalized guidance, we help clients overcome obstacles, find inner peace, and restore balance in their lives. We do not impose any religious beliefs on you or anyone else, but it is what we believe allows us to be so successful.

Become your family’s hero by unleashing Kosher Energy TherapyTM

Your Kosher Energy TherapyTM is Rabbinically Approved

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Why Kosher Energy TherapyTM?

Kosher Energy TherapyTM offers a unique approach to healing that is rooted in Jewish tradition and spirituality by working with “Hashem” (G-d) and adhering to “kosher halachic” (strict) principles, guided by the highest ethical standards.


Your privacy is secure.

Good vibes

We work only through HaShem.

Rabbinically approved

Your sessions are kosher.

Remote sessions

Sessions are held without your presence.

Save time

Your session is performed from a distance

How does Kosher Energy TherapyTM work?

Virtually. Discreetly. Powerfully.


Step #1: Get FREE energy scan

You give us a detailed list of concerns that you would like to resolve and you will get a FREE energy scan via email with a tentative action plan.

Step #2: Get Kosher Energy TherapyTM

After deciding that you want change in your life, a highly trained energy therapy practitioner will perform your remote session.


Step #2: Get Kosher Energy TherapyTM

After deciding that you want change in your life, a highly trained energy therapy practitioner will perform your remote session.


Step #3: Start Feeling & Seeing the Change 

After your remote session, you may already start noticing subtle or significant shifts. Results may happen instantly, or may take weeks, depending on many factors. 

We keep your file highly confidential and discrete.


I’m Rochel Albert, CEO, founder of the Energy Dynamics Program, and Master Energy Therapist.

I pour my passion for health, healing, and love into everything I do.

Besides being a holistic energy therapist focused on mental and emotional wellness, I am a biofeedback practitioner, health advocate, gem therapist, serial entrepreneur, and product designer.

I have also authored three books, including Medical Scams, and have appeared on radio and talk shows, including Shifra Chana Hendri, 4-part series on Energy Medicine and Elena Cardone’s Women in Power series.

As the driving force behind MoodTek® and the Energy Dynamics Program, Kosher Energy TherapyTM came about after realizing a massive gap in the marketplace for kosher, emotional, and mental energy healing. I decided to share my system that she perfected to help others heal while becoming the best they can be.

I have dedicated my practice to fixing mental health issues and complex shalom bayis cases where traditional therapies could not help.

I am, BH, a mommy warrior to four children and four grandchildren. I live in Miami with my supportive husband of 27 years.

Open and ready to become your own hero?