We create products and courses that improve physical and emotional health.

At MoodTek® we blend cutting-edge technology with ancient chemistry secrets which unlock the code to health, happiness, and wellbeing. Our flagship products like Celltonix, has put us on the map as the new wellness go-to remedy for countless families around the world. 

Join The Energy Dynamics Program

Explore the fascinating world of medical intuition and energy therapy with the Energy Dynamics Program! It is a mind-blowing, self-help, six-month course. In this one-of-a-kind course, you will learn how to determine the causes of your health issues. Plus, it gives you tools to fix them from an energy perspective, within a safe and kosher framework.

With this course, you will be able to address many of your most difficult, health-related, emotional, mental and mood-related concerns.

Most “other courses” teach medical intuition through invoking angels or spirit guides, or use witchcraft or idolatrous methods for healing, or to gain answers to the unknown — all forbidden by Biblical law.

This entire course can be taken at your own pace. The average completion time is 6-12 months of dedication. This is the hottest new, well-paying, in-demand career taking the world by storm!
In this three-part program series, witness your mind shift to the quantum reality where many more things are suddenly possible. You will learn how to remove blockages that prevent healing and restore health to you and others.

Having Issues In Your Marriage?
Join The (Baggage Free Marriage Course)

Baggage Free Marriage Energy Course
Is a collection of therapeutic healing techniques that activates your natural healing superpowers using the ancient secrets of Jewish energy chemistry. With it, you can access and eliminate the causes of you and your spouse’s triggers, negative emotions and traumas that block marital bliss, while restoring harmony and peace to your relationship. You will learn the secret tools to intensify your marital intimacy, set appropriate boundaries and learn communication skills to get what you need out of your relationship.

Includes everything from Level 1 & All marriage courses
from level 2 & 3

Learn how to pinpoint, release & fix from an energy perspective:
-Release traumas
-Release distorted programs, core beliefs and patterns
-Pinpoint and fix sexual issues
-Release emotions & triggers
-Intimate relationship part 1&2
-Female sexual anatomy, halachos of female ona
-Emotional connection & Emotional IQ
-Unstuff a closed heart and much MORE…


CellTonix™ Positive Cell Therapy™

Creating an energy boost and a strong sense of well-being, this unique formula supports the healthy functioning of your cells. CellTonix™neutralizes negatively charged unhealthy cells,* by delivering a powerful bio-electric positive charge.

Totally non-toxic, you will love the uplifting positive change in your mood.


In a high-tech world, protect your body from:

  • cell phone/computer radiation
  • electromagnetic smog
  • toxic energy
  • smart meter radiation
  • stress
  • 5G radiation


  • Increases brain function
  • Helps you find your sense of calm
  • Reduces stress and pain
  • Alleviates emotional burnout

Cell Salts

Comprised of 12 pairs of charged mineral salts that are critical for cells to function correctly.

Deficiency signs may include wrinkles, poor skin color & and tone, allergies, digestive issues, mental/emotional problems, and more. These symptoms should resolve when minerals are replenished.

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