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Level-1: Fundamental Tools, Get To Know & Use Energy

Level-1: Fundamental Tools, Get To Know & Use Energy | By Rochel Albert

In these mind-blowing introductory classes, you will learn critical tools to keep your energy system clean and clear. Plus discover the fundamental skills of medical intuition and quantum energy therapy, which allows you to tap into your G-d-given gift of getting clear yes-and-no answers to pinpoint the cause of most medical & mental health challenges.

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You will learn:

  • Rabbi Szmerla explains the Halachot of kosher alternative medicine & energy healing (Kosher versus Non-kosher healing)
  • Charge your hands
  • Clear, protect and energize your energy system
  • Learn medical intuitive testing
  • Pinpoint and correct root cause of issues through quantum remote healing

Comes with:

  • Comes with 22-page color downloadable PDF workbook written by Rochel Albert
  • Unlimited access to 13 prerecorded training, classes and webinars
  • Weekly online live group coaching with Rochel Albert
  • Comes with two 15-minute zoom coaching/mentoring sessions
  • Daily zoom classes for insight, troubleshooting and Q&A

Explore the fascinating world of medical intuition and energy therapy with the Energy Dynamics Program course. It is a mind-blowing, self-help, three-month course. In this one-of-a-kind course, you will learn how to determine the causes of your health issues. Plus, it gives you tools to fix them from an energy perspective, within a safe and kosher framework. 

With this course, you will be able to address many of your most difficult, health-related, emotional, mental and mood-related concerns.

Most other courses teach medical intuition through invoking angels or spirit guides, or use witchcraft or idolatrous methods for healing, or to gain answers to the unknown — all forbidden by Biblical law.Our powerful MoodChip™ magnifies the Energy Dynamics Program 101-Page workbook. It is also worn as a personal protection device to help harmonize your body from all sorts of energetic stressors like: 5G radiation, electromagnetic smog, and psychic attack. MoodTek® provides the best quality products — products that aren’t available anywhere else.

Rochel Albert

MoodTek® Founder

Rochel Albert pours her passion for health, healing and love into everything she does.

Besides being an energy healing practitioner focused on mental and emotional wellness, she is a biofeedback practitioner, health advocate, gem therapist, serial entrepreneur, product designer, mommy warrior of four awesome kids and a happy wife of 26 years.

Rochel has authored three books, including “Medical Scams” and has appeared on radio and talk shows, including Elena Cardone’s Women in Power series. She is the driving force behind MoodTek®. Rochel created the Energy Dynamics Program after realizing a massive gap in the marketplace for kosher emotional energy healing. She decided to share her system that she perfected to help others heal while becoming the best they can be.

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Leah Luna Frank
Licensed Psychologist , LCSW-R , CSAT , CMAT

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Haskama from the Biala Institution under the leadership of the Biala Rebbe Shlit”a

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