You will learn:

  • Rabbi Szmerla explains the Halachot of kosher alternative medicine & energy healing (Kosher versus Non-kosher healing)
  • Charge your hands
  • Clear and energize your energy systemt
  • Learn medical intuitive testing
  • Pinpoint and correct root cause of issues through quantum remote healing

Comes with:

  • Comes with 22-page color downloadable PDF workbook written by Rochel Albert
  • Unlimited access to 13 prerecorded training, classes and webinars
  • Weekly online live group coaching with Rochel Albert
  • Comes with two 15-minute zoom coaching/mentoring sessions

Level: Beginner | By Rochel Albert
In these mind-blowing introductory classes, you will learn critical tools to keep your energy system clean and clear. Plus discover the fundamental skills of medical intuition and quantum energy therapy, which allows you to tap into your G-d-given gift of getting clear yes-and-no answers to pinpoint the cause of most medical & mental health challenges.

If you purchase the entire program which is level 1, 2 &3 in one purchase we give a discount of $1400 -$6500 = $5100 and will also send a FREE gift to use with the program.

If you purchase level-1 $1100 & level-2 $3400 together =$4600 we give a discount of $400 = $4100

If you purchase the entire program in monthly payments
Level-1 $1100 + level-2 $3400 + level-3 $2000 = $6500 we give a discount of $400 = $6100


Energy Dynamics Online Program Level – 1

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