April 18 Zodiac Sign

April 18 Zodiac Birthday Signs – Earnest and serious, yet original and versatile, you often seek ways to express yourself. As an Aries, you are both determined and creative, with charm and an easygoing personality. The subinfluence of your decanate ruler, Sagittarius, encourages you to travel and explore or to seek different experiences and have many interests. This influence, however, also warns against scattering your energies and wasting time.

Although you often rely on your common sense and have the ability to see the numerous sides of every situation, at times you can be indecisive. Nevertheless, you are a natural-born strategist, with strong intuition, and when faced with a problem you can often find a quick yet inventive answer.

Industrious, methodical, and thorough, you like to come straight to the point of a matter. Reliability, shrewdness, and intellectual flexibility often suggest that others are likely to admire your integrity and creative mind. In your enthusiasm to take on life’s challenges, beware of a tendency to become overly idealistic or to take reckless chances by believing that new beginnings will solve all your problems.

Since your Sun moves into Taurus at the early age of two, your childhood is likely to have a strong influence of stability, with an emphasis on material security. There is a turning point for you around the age of thirty-two, when your progressed Sun enters Gemini. From this time you may develop a desire to be more knowledgeable and communicative in all areas of your life. Around the age of 62 your Sun moves into the sign of Cancer, bringing a shift that accentuates your emotional needs, home, and family.

Work & Vocation

Your excellent mind and communication skills point to a tremendous capacity to achieve. You may just have to guard against taking ort too much or a tendency to doubt yourself. When positive, you have a highly creative approach to life, which can manifest in any field of endeavor. If in the arts, you will want to share your original and gifted ideas. Being naturally sociable as well as having shrewd business acumen points you to careers that may incorporate both of these characteristics, such as Banking, sales, or real estate. A philosophical or humanitarian leaning may be satisfied through occupations such as the clergy, charity work, or philanthropy. Travel is particularly helpful in opening avenues for expansion.

Famous people born on your birthday include actress Hayley Mills, conductor Leopold Stokowski, philanthropist Huntington Hartford, Queen Frederika of Greece, and T.V. host Conan O’Brien.


Determination, assertiveness, and ambition are some of the attributes associated with a number 18 birthday. Active, with a need for challenges, you like to keep busy and are frequently involved in some enterprise. Capable, hardworking, and responsible, you rise to positions of authority. Alternatively, your strong business sense and organizational skills may lead you to the world of commerce. Since you may suffer from overwork, learn how to relax or slow down from time to time. As a number 18 personality, you may use your power to heal others, give sound advice, or solve other people’s problems. The subinfluence of the number 4 month indicates that you are efficient, compliant, and imaginative. When in doubt, apply faith and trust your instincts. If at times you become emotionally intense, do not lose your temper or act selfishly; show tolerance and understanding. You are outspoken, so think before you act and avoid being judgmental. When you find yourself in a position of authority, it is important to be truthful, just, and fair.

Positive: progressive attitude, assertiveness, intuition, courage, resoluteness, healing ability, efficiency, advisory skills

Negative: uncontrolled emotions, laziness, lack of order, selfishness, failure to complete work or projects, deceit

Love & Relationships

Versatile and creative, you are likely to have many friends and acquaintances. Your agreeable charm ensures your success in all people-related activities, but particularly those concerning self-expression. If you stay positive in matters of romance, you can be very loving and spontaneous, but if too preoccupied with your own affairs, you may appear cold or indifferent. It is vital that you put aside time for yourself to reflect and listen to your inner, intuitive sensitivity, as this connects you to your high ideals. This is likely to strengthen your faith and help you avoid anxiety in your relationships due to possible worry about financial insecurity.


You are likely to increase your chances of love and romance with those born on one of the following dates.

Love & friendship: Jan. 8, 22, 26, Feb. 6, 20, 21, 24, Mar. 4, 18, 22, Apr. 2, 16, 20, 30, May 14, 18, 28, 30, June 12, 16, 26, 28, July 10, 14, 24, 26, Aug. 8, 9, 12, 22, 24, Sept. 6, 10, 20, 22, 30, Oct. 4, 8, 18, 20, 28, Nov. 2, 6, 16, 18, 26, Dec. 4, 14, 16, 24

Beneficial: Jan. 9, 20, Feb. 7, 18, Mar. 5, 16, 29, Apr. 3, 14, 27, May 1, 12, 25, June 10, 23, July 8, 21, Aug. 6, 19, Sept. 4, 17, Oct. 2, 15, 30, Nov. 13, 28, Dec. 11, 26, 30

Challenging: Jan. 2, 10, 19, Feb. 8, 17, Mar. 6, 15, Apr. 4, 13, May 2, 11, June 9, July 7, 30, Aug. 5, 28, Sept. 3, 26, Oct. 1, 24, Nov. 22, Dec. 20, 30

Soul mates: Jan. 15, Feb. 13, Mar. 11, Apr. 9, May 7, June 5, July 3, Aug. 1, Oct. 29, Nov. 27, Dec. 25