December 21 Zodiac Sign

December 21 Zodiac Birthday Signs – Born on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn, you benefit from Jupiter’s optimism and Saturn’s realism. Charismatic and versatile, you have a dynamic personality and a desire to achieve on a grand scale. Your powerful emotions are your motivating force, and you want to realize your creative potential by turning your dreams into tangible reality. Although you are active and full of drive, having strong desires also implies that if you become excitable and rush into new projects without prior planning, you may miss some of your best opportunities. By restraining your inclination to be impatient and learning to focus on fewer goals, you become more responsible and reap the rewards.

The subinfluence of your decanate rulers, Leo and Saturn, adds to your self-confidence and strengthens your determination. Usually you are creative, idealistic, and full of noble ideas. Amiable and kindhearted, you have a lively expression of feeling and, with your direct approach, are also honest and friendly. When full of vitality, you can inspire others with your enthusiasm and spirit of enterprise.

Gracious, amicable, and able to mix with people from all walks of life, you possess natural diplomatic skills and an ability to make others feel at ease. Benevolence and an urge to grow and expand suggest that you can achieve much by yourself. Nonetheless, the tremendous potential indicated by your birthday is truly realized if you are engaged in collaborative ventures that can benefit not only yourself but others as well.

Up to the age of thirty, as your progressed Sun moves through Capricorn, you focus on practical issues and a need for order and structure in your life. A turning point occurs at the age of thirty-one, when your progressed Sun moves into Aquarius. This highlights a growing desire for more independence and original, progressive ideas. You may want freedom or feel a need to find your place within groups. Another turning point occurs at age sixty-one, when your progressed Sun moves into Pisces. This is likely to make you more emotionally sensitive, sympathetic, and imaginative. This is a time when artistic, creative, or spiritual talents are accentuated.

Work & Vocation

With your ambition, shrewd intelligence, and ability to think big, once you are really focused and determined you are capable of outstanding achievement in any field. With natural leadership abilities, you need the freedom to operate in your own way, so you usually fare better in a position of management or working for yourself. With your charismatic personality and a natural flair for captivating people, you can do especially well in public-related occupations, the entertainment world, or politics. Alternatively, your organizational skills, practicality, and enterprise may find positive outlets in business. You may experience a conflict, however, between your own personal ambitions and a desire for humanitarian ideals. Your sharp intellect can also help you succeed in science or education, but you may prefer to use your creative skills in art, drama, or music.

Famous people who share your birthday include musician Frank Zappa, dictator Joseph Stalin, prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, actress Jane Fonda, tennis player Chris Evert, athlete Florence Griffith Joyner, and TV host Phil Donahue.


Dynamic drive and an outgoing personality are usually present in those with a number 21 birthday. Socially inclined, you have many interests and contacts and are generally fortunate. Usually you show others your friendly and gregarious personality. Intuitive and with an independent spirit, you are highly inventive and original. With a number 21 birthday, you can be fun-loving, magnetic, and creative, with social charm. In life you often have many opportunities to work in collaboration with other people and achieve success. Although you can be inclined toward cooperative relationships or marriage, you always want to be acknowledged for o your talents and abilities. The subinfluence of the number 12 month indicates that you are optimistic and creative, with imagination and high ideals. Usually a perfectionist, you need to stay realistic in order to avoid disappointments. An ability to create harmony and a congenial atmosphere suggests that you have the power to make others feel at ease. Persuasive and charismatic, you are also able to influence others.

Positive: inspiration, creativity, love unions, long-lasting relationships

Negative: dependency, nervous, termperamental, lack of vision, disappointment, fear of change


You might find stability, stimulating company, and the perfect partner among those born on the following dates.

Love & friendship: Jan. 2, 3, 6, 9, 10, 11, 21, 27, 29, 31, Feb. 1, 4, 7, 9, 25, 29, Mar. 2, 5, 7, 17, 23, 25, 27, Apr. 3, 4, 5, 15, 21, 25, May 1, 3, 13, 19, 23, 30, June 1, 11, 17, 21, 28, July 9, 15, 19, 26, 29, Aug. 7, 13, 17, 24, 27, Sept. 5, 11, 15, 22, 25, Oct. 3, 9, 13, 20, 23, Nov. 1, 7, 11, 18, 21, 30, Dec. 5, 9, 16, 19, 28

Beneficial: Jan. 11, 16, 30, Feb. 9, 24, 28, Mar. 7, 22, 26, Apr. 5, 20, 24, May 3, 18, 22, 31, June 1, 16, 20, 29, July 14, 18, 27, Aug. 12, 16, 25, Sept. 10, 14, 23, Oct. 8, 12, 21, 29, Nov. 6, 10, 19, 27, Dec. 4, 8, 17, 25

Challenging: Jan. 15, Feb. 13, Mar. 11, Apr. 9, May 7, 30, June 5, 28, July 3, 26, Aug. 1, 24, Sept. 22, Oct. 20, 30, Nov. 18, 28, Dec. 16, 26

Soul mates: Jan. 9, 29, Feb. 7, 27, Mar. 5, 25, Apr. 3, 23, May 1, 21. June 19, July 17, Aug. 15, Sept. 13, Oct. 11, Nov. 9, Dec. 7

Love & Relationships

An ability to relate to different people allows you to accept universal concepts of love and compassion. Charismatic and dynamic, with a responsible attitude, you prefer order and like to plan. Usually you are drawn to relationships that can offer long-term security and stability. You may favor hardworking and ambitious people in positions of power and authority who enjoy challenges. Although you can be understanding and humanitarian, you want to find true emotional satisfaction and not settle for second best.