December 26 Zodiac Sign

December 26 Zodiac Birthday Signs – With your dynamic emotions, intuition, and warmth, you have a natural gift for dealing with people. Your Capricorn birthday suggests that your innate practicality enables you to work enthusiastically toward your ideals. As well as charm, you possess good organizational skills and a creative intellect. Be careful, however, that an inner restlessness does not deter you from realizing your unique potential.

With the subinfluence of your decanate ruler, Capricorn, you are reliable; and have a strong sense of duty. Faithful and loyal, you can be ardent in your desire to help others. Although capable of good concentration when interested in a project, you may still need to develop patience if you tend to become bored too quickly.

Full of big plans and a desire for action, freedom, and adventure, you can have a varied and eventful life. Financial problems, however, may sometimes interfere with the expression of your heart’s desires, or it may seem that satisfaction is always around the corner. Through self-analysis, being responsible, and learning to let go of the past, you can avoid emotional instability.

Up to the age of twenty-five you feel a need for order and structure in your life, and practical considerations are important. At the age of twenty-six, when your progressed Sun moves into Aquarius, you reach a turning point that highlights a growing need for independence and liberation from the mundane. You become more sociable and group conscious as well as desiring to express your own individuality. Another turning point occurs at the age of fifty-six, when your progressed Sun moves into Pisces. This is likely to bring increased emphasis to your emotional receptivity, imagination, or psychic and spiritual awareness.

Work & Vocation

Intelligent and purposeful, with determination and drive, you prefer a large business and a great deal of activity. Self-reliant, you enjoy succeeding through your own efforts and hard work. Although you enjoy business and material success, you may want to pursue a career in publishing or advertising and promotion. A talent with words and the ability to communicate ideas indicate that you can accomplish much as a writer or work in the media, the theater, or the film world. Practical and with good organizational skills, you can be efficient and authoritative. Whatever career you assume, to avoid boredom you need challenges and diversity.

Famous people who share your birthday include Communist leader Mao Zedong, Indian mystic Mother Meera, record producer Phil Spector, writer Henry Miller, actor Richard Widmark, and entertainer Steve Allen.


The strength or power suggested by the number 26 birthday shows that you are a cautious character with strong values and sound judgment. Parental instincts and a love of home may also suggest a need to build a solid foundation or find real stability. Often a tower of strength for others, you are willing to support friends and family members who may turn to you in time of need. You may nevertheless need to guard against materialistic tendencies and a desire to control people or situations. The subinfluence of the number 12 month indicates that you are gregarious and amiable, with an enterprising spirit. Intuitive and intelligent, with executive skills, you have inspired ideas and an ability to turn them to tangible products and achieve financial success. Usually you know how to take advantage of new situations. Inner dissatisfaction with your circumstances, however, may bring unrest. This constant search for peace implies that you need to establish balance and harmony.

Positive: creative, practical, caring, meticulous, idealistic, honest, responsible, proud of family, enthusiastic, courageous

Negative: stubborn, rebellious, unfriendly, lack of persistence, instability


You may find someone who understands your sensitivity and needs more easily among those born on the dates listed below.

Love & friendship: Jan. 6, 11, 14, 26, Feb. 4, 9, 12, Mar. 2, 7, 10, 28, Apr. 5, 8, 20, 26, 30, May 3, 6, 24, 28, June 1, 4, 22, 26, July 2, 20, 24, Aug. 18, 22, Sept. 10, 16, 20, 30, Oct. 14, 18, 28, Nov. 12, 16, 26, Dec. 10, 14, 24

Beneficial: Jan. 20, 24, Feb. 18, 22, Mar. 16, 20, 29, Apr. 14, 18, 27, May 12, 16, 25, June 10, 14, 23, 29, July 8, 12, 21, 27, Aug. 6, 10, 19, 25, 30, Sept. 4, 8, 17, 23, 28, Oct. 2, 6, 15, 21, 26, Nov. 4, 13, 19, 24, Dec. 2, 11, 17, 22

Challenging: Jan. 22, 23, 27, Feb. 20, 21, 25, Mar. 18, 19, 23, Apr. 16, 17, 21, May 14, 15, 19, June 12, 13, 17, July 10, 11, 15, 31, Aug. 8, 9, 13, 29, Sept. 6, 7, 11, 27, Oct. 4, 5, 9, 25, Nov. 2, 3, 7, 23, Dec. 1, 5, 21

Soul mates: Jan. 23, Feb. 21, Mar. 19, Apr. 17, 29, May 15, 27, June 13, 25, July 11, 23, Aug. 9, 21, Sept. 7, 19, Oct. 5, 17, Nov. 3, 15, Dec. 1, 13

Love & Relationships

Capable of turning on the charm, you can easily attract others. Very sociable, you may find yourself drawn to creative and hardworking people who stimulate these qualities in yourself. With your powerful need for love, however, choices regarding your love partners may prove difficult until you learn to stay detached. Creative but bored by routine, you may have many short-lived relationships until you find your ideal partner. Once you find your true love, you are capable of being loyal and loving.