June 20 Zodiac Sign

June 20 Zodiac Birthday Signs – Those born on this date are highly intuitive, with original ideas. You are charismatic and charming, and an important part of your success is an ability to deal with people on a personal level. Having a warm heart and being friendly and sociable, you are often popular and know how to enjoy yourself and keep people entertained. This can help in your desire to be in the limelight, preferably in a leading position. You may have to beware, however, of underachieving through not disciplining yourself and scattering your energies in too many directions.

The influence of Aquarius, your decanate ruler, suggests that you want to explore new and innovative concepts. Your shrewd but restless mind gives you quick responses and reactions and can easily assess people and situations. You may have to avoid being impatient or stubborn, and you can have a tendency to not follow through with the responsibility needed to achieve your outstanding promise.

Usually ambitious, you are likely to be constantly thinking of schemes of how to make money or advance in life. Your desire for creativity often means that you have a strong need for freedom of expression. Since natural enthusiasm is one of your prime assets, the catch is that you need to genuinely believe in an idea in order to throw yourself into a project and get results.

Up to the age of thirty, your progressed Sun is in the sign of Cancer and you may be particularly centered around issues concerning emotional security, home, and family. At the age of thirty-one, when your progressed Sun moves into Leo, you will become more creative and confident. This will endow you with the assertiveness to be more adventurous and enhance your social skills. After sixty, when your progressed Sun moves into Virgo, you are likely to become more practical, discriminating, and orderly.

Work & Vocation

Your easy charm and organizational skills indicate that you have the potential to succeed in many people-related activities, whether in the business world or in the public sector. You will probably be drawn to areas involving communications and could consider education, personnel, public relations, and politics. Publishing, writing, journalism, and research are also excellent channels for your fine mind. Creative outlets are likely to be through the theater or music, or as a songwriter. If you are talented, people will recognize your unique capabilities and help you reach the limelight.

Famous people who share your birthday include actress Nicole Kidman, actors Errol Flynn and Martin Landau, singers Cyndi Lauper and Lionel Richie, Beach Boys member Brian Wilson, playwright Lillian Hellman, and writer Catherine Cookson.


With a number 20 birthday, you are intuitive, sensitive, adaptable, and understanding, and often see yourself as a part of a larger group. Usually you enjoy cooperative activities where you can interact, share experiences, or learn from others. Charming and gracious, you develop diplomatic and social skills and can move in different social circles with ease. You may, however, need to develop your confidence, overcome a tendency to be easily hurt by the actions and criticism of others, and avoid being overly dependent. You are a master at creating a congenial and harmonious atmosphere. The subinfluence of the number 6 month indicates that you need to acquire practical skills and learn to keep a balance between idealism and a desire for material success. Avoid being critical of yourself and others or making unreasonable demands. Determination and willpower are essential keys to your success. Since you are often a perfectionist, counterbalance your failures with your achievements. You need a plan of action and to persevere regardless of the difficulties.

Positive: good partnerships, gentle, tactful, receptive, intuitive, considerate, harmonious, agreeable, amicable, ambassador of goodwill

Negative: suspicious, lack of confidence, timid, oversensitive, emotional, selfish, easily hurt, crafty

Love & Relationships

Sharing and communication are important to you. Your desire to be in the company of people with power or authority suggests that a strong influence from your father or an older man in your youth left a strong mark on your views and beliefs. A need to know and understand about self-mastery suggests that you admire those with a unique approach to life. Although you want to be independent, if you come across exceptional people, you may be tempted to follow them. With your charm and natural authoritative demeanor, you often attract people who believe in you. In close relationships you need to keep light and positive and avoid becoming overly serious, bossy, or critical. A love of knowledge or wisdom may bring you nearer to your ideal partner.


Among people born on the following dates, your ideals might be realized more easily.

Love & friendship: Jan. 1, 9, 14, 28, 31, Feb. 7, 12, 26, 29, Mar. 10, 24, 27, Apr. 8, 22, 25, May 6, 20, 23, June 4, 18, 21, July 2, 16, 19, 30, Aug. 14, 17, 28, 30, Sept. 12, 15, 26, 28, 30, Oct. 10, 13, 24, 26, 28, Nov. 8, 11, 22, 24, 26, Dec. 6, 9, 20, 22, 24

Beneficial: Jan. 26, Feb. 24, Mar. 22, Apr. 20, May 18, June 16, July 14, Aug. 12, Sept. 10, Oct. 8, Nov. 6, Dec. 4

Challenging: Jan. 3, 25, Feb. 1, 23, Mar. 21, Apr. 19, May 17, June 15, July 13, Aug. 11, Sept. 9, Oct. 7, Nov. 5, Dec. 3

Soul mates: Jan. 3, 10, Feb. 1, 8, Mar. 6, Apr. 4, May 2