November 9 Zodiac Signs

November 9 Zodiac Birthday Signs – As a sensitive, articulate, and spirited Scorpio, you demonstrate a fine intelligence and a love for knowledge. Enterprising and intuitive, with a youthful temperament, you prefer an active life and are usually spontaneous and expressive. Sometimes, however, you may need to guard against a tendency to immaturity, but by learning to concentrate on your responsibilities you can project a creative and disciplined image.

The subinfluence of your decanate ruler, Pisces, suggests that you are impressionable and imaginative, with strong premonitions. Idealistic and receptive, you can be very persuasive and possess strong convictions. Charming and sociable, you enjoy the company of others and can be an entertaining companion, especially in group gatherings. It would be wise, however, to guard against wasting your time on people of ambiguous character.

Strong willpower and an ability to be decisive suggest that you can plan and execute projects on a grand scale. Nevertheless, at times you may overreact by being too confident, headstrong, or impulsive. Becoming overexcitable only highlights eccentricity rather than individuality. For success, you benefit from being trusting and cooperative. By learning to discipline your restless mental energies, you can fulfill your dreams, turning your big ideas into tangible reality.

Between the ages of thirteen and forty-two, when your progressed Sun moves through Sagittarius, you feel a need to expand your horizons, take opportunities, and be more optimistic. This may also include exploring philosophical thought, education, or travel. At the age of forty-three, when your progressed Sun moves into Capricorn, there is a turning point as you start to become more industrious, pragmatic, and persevering, with a strong need for order and structure in your life. After the age of seventy-three, when your progressed Sun enters Aquarius, there is a change as you begin to place more emphasis on new ideas, companionship, and knowledge of human nature.

Work & Vocation

As you possess strong leadership qualities, your greatest achievement is likely to be at the forefront of your chosen profession. Your outstanding potential for acquiring knowledge may place you among the scholarly or could serve you equally well in law, psychology, or medicine. Your natural talents with the spoken and written, word can help you find fulfillment in teaching, lecturing, or writing. With your natural business sense, you may equally be drawn to the world of commerce and use your persuasive charm in sales, promotion, or negotiation. Optionally, with your strong principles you can be an excellent politician, spokesperson, or fighter for a cause. As a natural actor, you may be interested in the world of show business.

Famous people who share your birthday include writer Ivan Turgenev, writer/astronomer Carl Sagan, actresses Hedy Lamarr and Karen Dotrice, former U.S. vice president Spiro Agnew, golfer Tom Weiskopf, and baseball manager Whitey Herzog.


Benevolence, thoughtfulness, and sentimental sensitivity are all associated with the number 9 birthday. Tolerant and kind, you are often generous and liberal. Intuitive and psychic abilities point to a universal receptivity and, if channeled positively, may inspire you to seek a spiritual path. This birthday may suggest a need to overcome challenges and a tendency to be overly sensitive, with emotional ups and downs. You benefit greatly from world travel and interaction with people from all walks of life, but may have to avoid unrealistic dreams or an inclination toward escapism. The subinfluence of the number 11 month indicates that you are intelligent and intuitive, with mediumistic abilities. As an imaginative and receptive person, you are aware of others’ feelings. Although idealistic and generous, you can be secretive and sometimes conceal deep feelings that can turn to resentment. If you are too emotionally intense, you need to learn to be detached and optimistic. Use your diplomatic skill to smooth misunderstandings and avoid animosity.

Positive: idealistic, humanitarian, creative, sensitive, generous, magnetic, poetic, charitable, giving, detached, lucky, popular

Negative: frustrated, nervous, selfish, impractical, bitter, easily led, inferiority complex, fears, worry, isolated


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Love & friendship: Jan. 7, 10, 17, 27, Feb. 5, 8, 15, 25, Mar. 3, 6, 13, 23, Apr. 1, 4, 11, 21, May 2, 9, 19, June 7, 17, July 5, 15, 29, 31, Aug. 3, 13, 27, 29, 31, Sept. 1, 11, 25, 27, 29, Oct. 9, 23, 25, 27, Nov. 7, 21, 23, 25, Dec. 5, 19, 21, 23

Beneficial: Jan. 3, 5, 20, 25, 27, Feb. 1, 3, 18, 23, 25, Mar. 1, 16, 21, 23, Apr. 14, 19, 21, May 12, 17, 19, June 10, 15, 17, July 8, 13, 15, Aug. 6, 11, 13, Sept. 4, 9, 11, Oct. 2, 7, 9, Nov. 5, 7, Dec. 3, 5

Challenging: Jan, 16, 24, Feb. 14, 22, Mar. 12, 20, Apr. 10, 18, May 8, 16, 31, June 6, 14, 29, July 4, 12, 27, Aug. 2, 10, 25, Sept. 8, 23, Oct. 6, 21, Nov. 4, 19, Dec. 2, 17

Soul mates: Jan. 16, Feb. 14, Mar. 12, Apr. 10, May 8, June 6, July 4, 31, Aug. 2, 29, Sept. 27, Oct. 25, Nov. 23, Dec. 21

Love & Relationships

Intelligent and sensitive, you are often an idealistic and thoughtful individual. When in the right mood, you can be spontaneous and passionate; however, when you are skeptical or mistrusting, you appear aloof and indifferent. You may need a special link with a partner you can trust, as your ideal of love is so high. Although you are friendly and sociable, you may need to overcome a fear of being lonely. Your natural understanding of human nature helps you through difficulties and makes you attractive to others.