October 24 Zodiac Signs

October 24 Zodiac Birthday Signs – Youthful and creative, you are a Scorpio with inner nobility and a love for the good things in life. Although attracted by glamour, you are willing to work hard when you find an inspiring idea or a worthwhile cause.

The subinfluence of your decanate ruler, Scorpio, implies that you have a tenacious spirit and are daring and bold. Although at times your sharp and direct approach indicates that you are fearless and persistent, your ability to understand others implies that you can also be sympathetic and understanding. As a creative individual, you are emotionally warm, with a flair for social interactions. Usually attractive and graceful, with an ability to make yourself popular with other people, you often seek to express yourself artistically.

As you are emotionally perceptive, you can easily comprehend people’s mood swings. Liable to make magnanimous gestures, you need to be appreciated and are a true friend and companion. Although you can be cooperative and helpful in group endeavors, when you become negative or perceive a lack of emotional support, you can feel resentful or sorry for yourself. By developing self-discipline, you realize that being responsible and patient has great benefits and rewards.

Up to the age of twenty-eight, you are concerned with issues regarding your emotional sensitivity and personal transformation. At the age of twenty-nine, when your progressed Sun moves into Sagittarius, there is a turning point that highlights a growing need for freedom and a more expansive outlook. This may involve taking more risks or expanding your mental perspective through a quest for truth, education, or travel. Another turning point occurs at the age of fifty-nine, when your progressed Sun moves into Capricorn, emphasizing a more serious, disciplined, and practical approach to life.

Work & Vocation

By combining your compelling charm, natural business sense, and people skills, you may be drawn to careers in public relations, sales, or publishing. You can be especially good at businesses that involve social interaction, such as promotion or being an agent for others. Alternatively, being creative and enjoying entertaining, you may be attracted to the arts, show business, or the music industry. With your natural understanding for the problems of others, you may find yourself a counselor or in the caring or healing professions. Your shrewd business sense helps you succeed in whatever career you may choose, but preferably you need the freedom to work in your own way.

Famous people who share your birthday include musician Bill Wyman, naturalist/microbiologist Anthony van Leeuwenhoek, actress Dame Sybil Thorndike, football player Y. A. Tittle, and actors F. Murray Abraham and Kevin Kline.


With a number 24 birthday, you may dislike routine; however, you are hardworking, with practical abilities and sound judgment. The emotional sensitivity of the number 24 birthday suggests that you need to establish stability and order. Faithful and fair, though sometimes undemonstrative, you are inclined to believe that actions speak louder than words. With this pragmatic approach to life, you develop a good business sense and an ability to overcome obstacles and succeed. Having a number 24 birthday, you may have to get past a tendency to be stubborn or fixed in your ideas. The subinfluence of the number 10 month indicates that you are idealistic and independent, with great emotional power. Tenacious and fiercely loyal, you come to the aid of others in time of crisis. Self-reliant and courageous, you prefer to decide for yourself. Although winning is important, avoid a tendency to be self-centered or dictatorial. You can be evasive and secretive, but when you do speak your mind you can be critical and forthright.

Positive: energy, idealist, practical skills, strong determination, honest, frank, fair, generous, love of home, active, energetic

Negative: materialistic, too economical, instability, ruthless, dislikes routine, lazy, unfaithful, domineering and stubborn, vengeful, jealous


Sensual, loyal, and affectionate, you might find a partner who will understand your sensitivity and need for love among those born on the following dates.

Love & friendship: Jan. 5, 9, 10, 18, 19, 26, 30, 31, Feb. 3, 8, 16, 17, 24, 28, Mar. 1, 5, 6, 14, 15, 22, 26, Apr. 3, 4, 12, 13, 20, 24, May 2, 10, 11, 18, 22, June 8, 9, 16, 20, 30, July 6, 7, 14, 18, 28, Aug. 4, 5, 12, 16, 26, 30, Sept. 2, 3, 10, 14, 28, Oct, 1, 8, 12, 22, 26, Nov. 6, 10, 20, 24, Dec. 4, 8, 18, 22, 30

Beneficial: Jan. 13, Feb. 11, Mar. 9, Apr. 7, May 5, June 3, 30, July 1, 28, Aug. 26, Sept. 24, Oct. 22, Nov. 20, Dec. 18

Challenging: Jan. 14, 24, Feb. 12, 22, Mar. 10, 20, Apr. 8, 18, May 6, 16, June 4, 14, July 2, 12, Aug. 10, Sept. 8, Oct. 6, Nov. 4, Dec. 2

Soul mates: July 30, Aug. 28, Sept. 26, Oct. 24, Nov. 22, Dec. 20

Love & Relationships

Highly sensitive, you have strong emotions and a compelling need for love, which are likely to draw you into all kinds of romantic liaisons. With your ability to be amiable and entertaining, you are sure to have an active social life. Although generous and idealistic, you can become captivated or overly serious about your relationships. In order to avoid unnecessary heartache, guard against letting your feelings dominate your mind. Through being responsible and adaptable, you often receive the respect and admiration of others.