MoodTek's Energy Dynamics Program

MoodTek® announces its Torah-based Energy Dynamics Program which is now available for sign-up!

This incredible course will transform your life by teaching you how to pinpoint and resolve emotional issues and health complaints, while helping you to become your best self.

Over six months, you will receive weekly pre-recorded classes that will instruct you on the skills and tools necessary to learn medical intuition and energy therapy.


This program comes with a comprehensive interactive workbook, pre-programmed crystals and an original MoodChip.

Every webinar instruction comes with practice materials and a follow-up webinar with questions and answers from fellow students. We encourage you to submit your questions and be heard! You will be teamed up with an energy buddy to practice what you have learned. Everything is prerecorded so you can learn when it suits you!

Energy Dynamics Class Breakdown

  1. Kosher and Non-Kosher healing with Rabbi Szmerla, Author of “Alternative Medicine in Halacha”
  2. Tap into truth – fix your truth meter
  3. Learn 2-finger rub to get “yes” or “no” answers (medical intuition)
  4. Pinpoint and release causes of issues
  5. Learn basic energy clearing protocol
  1. Self-evaluation & the Emotion Chart
  2. Defining your happiness
    1. Debug the subconscious mind
    2. Conscious/subconscious synchronization
      1. Pinpoint triggers and drivers of behaviors & addictions
      2. Release weigh issues and destructive behaviors
      3. Identify disabilities and strengths
      1. Pinpoint and release traumas & intergenerational traumas
      1. Unstuff your heart & infuse love
      2. Feel good enough and loveable
      3. Set relationship boundaries & needs
      4. Make peace with complicated family members
      5. Create a peaceful home & marital harmony
      6. Improve marital intimacy and release sensuality blocks
      7. Pinpoint and release energy issues within the marriage
      8. Find that special one
      9. Release disappointments and heartbreak
      1. Understand Energy Systems
      2. Understand Body systems
      3. Pinpoint and clear allergies
      4. Heal chronic pain
      5. Release dark forces
      6. Step into your power
      7. Create your destiny
      8. Work with crystals and gemstones
      9. Work on healing your family
      10. Energy clear your home and workspace
      11. Explore alternative healing options
      12. Explore holistic healthy lifestyle
      13. Pinpoint which supplements and remedies are needed

      Pricing Options

      Price Option 1

      One Time Payment



      • Plus $20.00 membership fee.

      Price Option 2

      Payment in Installments



      • Plus $20.00 membership fee
      • Paid in installments of $400.00 every month for 6 months.